Signature Facial 

A beautiful blend of relaxation and rejuvenation of your skin. Starting with a refreshing double cleanse to clean and nourish your skin, followed by a facial massage to completely relax you. An exfoliating mask is then applied while you enjoy a scalp neck and shoulder massage. A customised routine of active serums and moisturiser is then applied to specially suit and enhance your individual skin. Perfect for skin that needs a pick me up or those looking for a relaxing facial. 

(approx. 1 hour)

Pure hydration 

As the name suggests this facial is perfect for skin that needs a bit of hydration and TLC. Starting with a smooth cream cleanser to clean and hydrate the skin, followed by a gentle exfoliate. A hydrating gel mask is then applied and while it sets you enjoy a relaxing hand and foot massage. Finishing with specified products for your skin and a facial massage. 

(approx. 1 hour 30min)

Skin rewind 

This beautiful facial is for anyone looking for some rejuvenation and anti ageing. From the cleanser down to the finishing products in this treatment everything is created to target signs of ageing such as fine lines, hyper pigmentation and everything in-between. Starting with a cleanser and exfoliating mask with a hand and foot massage. High frequency to infuse products and reduce fine lines, puffiness and penetrating product deeper. Finishing with a beautiful sequence of serums and a facial massage for lymphatic drainage. 

(approx. 1 hour 30min)